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Jellyfish Donuts

Jellyfish Donuts are sure to delight 

The building between Schoenbar Dr. and Bauer Way on Water Street in Ketchikan is eye-catching with its vibrant blue paint and bright white trim. Recently remade into an inviting gourmet donut for locals and tourists alike to enjoy, Jellyfish Donuts is serving an inspired menu of traditional and creative donut creations. 

With a lifelong passion for creating delicious meals and treats, owner Brianna Krantz always dreamed of starting her own business. While waiting in line for a box of birthday donuts one day, she realized she was ready to put in the work and time to make that dream come true. With her love of food, color, flavor, and people, she took a leap of faith, her cooking skills, and creativity to craft Jellyfish Donuts. 

Brianna Krantz, owner of Jellyfish Donuts

Working on building a business during a global pandemic has been no easy feat as tourism dwindles across the state. Krantz has had to get even more creative with the flavors and ideas for Jellyfish Donuts. From salmon and cream cheese to peaches and cream, there is a flavor combination that is sure to delight. This innovation and fun are enhanced by inviting customers to be a part of the creative process which has proven to provide an inspiring experience and opportunity to grow as a community. Krantz is grateful for also being selected as a finalist in Spruce Root’s Path to Prosperity business competition and credits it as being one of the most exciting and humbling experiences that also gave Jellyfish Donuts just the amount of support needed to thrive, especially during a pandemic.

In sharing about her work with the Alaska Small Business Development Center in Ketchikan, she expressed, “As I started my business I had no idea how many resources would be available to me, the Alaska SBDC is another reason being a business owner has been such a great experience. Having people look out for you and want your best interest is such huge support that is so valuable you could never put a price on it. They are here, ready to listen and give the best advice possible.”








With tenacity and the desire to adapt and serve, Krantz strives to bring happiness to the bellies of all who support Jellyfish Donuts. When asked what the best part of being a small business owner is so far, she shared without missing a beat, “creating dough desserts that make the tummy warm and the heart smile.” It is with fresh dough made daily and toppings whipped from natural and fresh ingredients, reviews such as “You can taste the wholesomeness and freshness in every bite,” ring true of those efforts. 

What is next for Krantz and Jellyfish Donuts? You’ll find her still growing, still learning, still loving it, and creating delicious artisanal donuts for you to enjoy while she’s at it. 

Visit Jellyfish Donuts at 910 Water Street in Ketchikan and over at Facebook and Instagram.