Alaska Small Business Development Center

Israeli Krav Maga Alaska

Krav Maga is known as one of the most effective, practical and holistic fighting systems in the world and is based on utilitarian movement, natural instinct and constant adaption. It is not only a method of self defense, but also a way for practitioners to enhance their body’s physical abilities as well as their mind and soul.

Israeli Krav Maga Alaska , a recent addition to the Alaskan small business community, is the only Krav Maga school in Anchorage and is led by Cory Davis, a long time student of the practice.  Cory’s passion for Krav Maga brought him to Israel where he trained with Grand Master Haim Gidon 10th dan ( the highest ranking Kravist inKrav Maga-3630 the world). Cory received his instructor certification after 100 hours of training and wanted to share his passion with his local community.  With this in mind, Cory and his wife, Sheena, approached the Alaska Small Business Development Center with the idea of opening their own practice.

Cory and Sheena worked with Anchorage Center Director, Lynn Klassert, as they looked into the financial projections for this type of venture. Once the business was up and running, Business Advisor Kimberlee Hayward worked with them on their marketing efforts by visiting their business and offering on-site assistance with their flyers, website and signage.

“Lynn and Kimberlee have been wonderful to work with, and they want you to succeed! They are always there to help and answer any questions that come along, whether it’s financials or marketing. Our student base has grown due to Kimberlee’s insights and suggestions as to how to attract new customers and retain our current ones. We’re thankful that SBDC is here to help us achieve our goals” said Cory.

Interested in learning more about Krav Maga and how you can get started? Visit Israeli Krav Maga Alaska at their website to see their class schedules, learn more about the instructors and find updates.