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Hive Mind Meadery

Hive Mind Meadery:  Alaska’s newest meadery has a lot going on

Tristan Bellotti is a serial entrepreneur with impeccable tastes for turning hobbies into a way of life.  One of Tristan’s hobbies for the past 8 years has been making mead.  During the pandemic, Tristan rekindled his love of making mead when some friends encouraged him to make another batch.  The batch turned out to be one of the best batches he had ever made.  This winning formula would be the beginning of something beautiful.

Tristan discovered a process for producing mead that rivaled the competition and took only a quarter of the time of conventional fermentation.  His first runs were regarded as a work of art by those fortunate enough to taste it. Through experimentation, he dialed in his recipes.  Tristan had a product but now needed to turn it into a business.

Tristan reached out to business advisor Allan Carraway at the Alaska Small Business Development Center.  Allan worked alongside Tristan to develop a business plan, financial projections, and connected Tristan with the additional resources necessary to bring the business from a dream to reality.

Tristan found a perfect location just south of Midtown to open his taproom.  Despite construction overruns and deadline extensions, the meadery opened July 15th, 2022.  Tristan was able to create a truly unique meadery that touches on the hallmarks of “Geek Culture”, full of movie and tv references throughout the space.  There is also space available for rent for groups to gather their elfs and rogues for RPG gaming, corporate meetings, or gatherings.

Now that the grand opening is in the rear view mirror, Tristan is busy planning out recipes for the holidays.  “We are planning on releasing a few fun seasonal meads for this Fall and Winter and working with our patreons to host some fun events.”  Embrace your inner geek and stop by Hive Mind Meadery today!

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