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Heather’s Choice

 Heather’s Choice®: Meals for Every Adventure

For outdoor enthusiasts across the state, delicious and easily packable meals that are ready on-the-go are hard to come by but are also a critical element of a successful weekend or excursion. Heather Kelly, the founder of  Heather’s Choice®, saw this desperate need and took her education, knowledge, and experience to create a dehydrated food line that nourishes the body and delights the taste buds.

With a focus on nutritional balance and sustainably sourced ingredients, coupled with gluten and dairy-free options, Heather’s Choice® breaks away from the pack by offering dehydrated meals with superior flavor and better nutrition when compared to freeze-dried meals.

Heather worked with the Small Business Development Center and the Launch Alaska Accelerator Program in Anchorage to raise funding for her business. Her business advisor, Lance Ahern, shared about the journey so far, “the best part of my job is working with startups like Heather’s Choice®, and supporting Heather as she builds her team and grows her global company right here in Anchorage, Alaska.”

With local and national collaborations, community support, innovative packing methods, and a beautiful brand, Heather’s Choice® is just getting started. In fact, the company was named the “most well-funded food startup in Alaska,” in June!

“It’s been very comforting knowing that I can always turn to the SBDC. Whether I need help learning about projections, staffing, or fundraising, the folks at SBDC are always helpful. It’s very humbling for me to have an army of people who are supporting me in every step of building my business.”

Visit Heather’s Choice® for story-telling, inspiration, and of course, healthy and scrumptious breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options.  Also, connect with Heather and her team on Facebook and Instagram!