Alaska Small Business Development Center

Grizzly Grounds

Grizzly Grounds:
Proudly Serving Those Bearly Awake

Conveniently located up Mile 5.6 on KGB road in Wasilla rests a little coffee shop that is sure to please hot and cold coffee drinkers alike! With a great selection of Kaladi Brothers Coffee, smoothies, Donut King Pastries, and other sweets, and treats, Grizzly Grounds is serving up the delicious brew with a smile.

Owner Corey Rossi worked with the Alaska Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Wasilla to move one of his businesses from a leased space into a newly built structure entirely. This business decision allowed him to expand, as well as open Grizzly Grounds, in turn, creating an additional eight jobs.

The move created an excellent opportunity to expand our existing business and create yet another business within the new facility.  Julie’s knowledge, skill, and patience were a great asset to us as we worked our way through the complicated business planning and financing process.”

Grizzly Grounds itself is warm and inviting, not just in atmosphere and decor, but due to the wonderful team serving happy customers as well. Whether you walk-in to pick up a snack or carefully crafted beverage, or prefer to swing through their favorable drive-thru, you are sure to leave carefree and caffeinated.

Alaska SBDC business advisor, Julie Nolen, noted about her working relationship with Corey and Terry Rossi by sharing, “I met Corey Rossi in April 2017, when he was looking into having a building constructed to house his current postal service business along with a new coffee shop that was in the works.

His vision was to create a new “Postal Plaza” more centrally located but still within a reasonable distance from the Settlers Bay neighborhoods. The Plaza would also include Grizzly Grounds Coffee Shop and one extra space to lease to another tenant.

I worked with Corey extensively over the past year to help develop business plans and projections for both businesses. I also helped him navigate the loan process, which in this case ended up being an arduous process for a variety of reasons. As Corey’s Business Advisor, we experienced a lot together. He was an absolute pleasure to work with. And, I look forward to following his success for many years to come.”

Connect with Grizzly Grounds on Facebook, or give them a call at (907) 373-4749. You are also welcome to swing by at their location at Mile 5.6 KGB (4075 S. Country Drive), just across from Raven’s Ribs!