Alaska Small Business Development Center

Fireweed Veterinary Services, LLC

Passionately Dedicated to Supporting Pets and Their Families

Dr. Amanda Grimes is a 2020 graduate of Colorado State University where she earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. After 2 years of working in general practice, she was inspired by the human-animal bond so clearly evident during end-of-life care.  In early 2022, Dr. Grimes reached out to the Alaska Small Business Development Center and worked with Anchorage Center Director Carlos Machuca.  Dr. Grimes shared with Carlos her idea of starting a veterinarian mobile unit to service families that choose in-home euthanasia so their pets can pass in dignity, peacefully and pain-free surrounded by family and friends. 

Alaska SBDC Center Director Carlos Machuca assisted Dr. Grimes in forming her LLC, testing the financial feasibility of her mobile business, calculating start-up cost, drafting a business plan and sharing marketing ideas, which resulted in the opening of her business in the fall of 2022. 

Since then Dr. Grimes has been providing in-home euthanasia in Anchorage and the Matsu Valley.  Dr. Grimes believes our pets are family and deserve the best euthanasia care possible.   She has become passionately dedicated to supporting pets and their families through their final walk together in a safe and supportive environment of love and understanding. 

When asked about her time working with the Alaska SBDC, Dr. Grimes reflected, “I’ve worked with Carlos Machuca and he was a great help with initial business planning; we discussed how to establish my business as an LLC, set-up my business license and figure out initial planning for my profit and loss statements. He provided a very helpful set of veterinary specific industry information and other local small business referrals to help get my business set up. He made it very clear and systematic getting through a long list of initial business paperwork and has also provided me with guidance on marketing to get the word out about my practice.” 

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