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Sofa Startup: Eos Creative Media

Travis Madden of Eoscreative. (907) 854-7547

When Travis Madden and Kinnaly Koy decided to start their own marketing, advertising and branding business they knew it would be one of the most rewarding decisions of their lives if they gave it their all and utilized community resources. The idea to form a marketing agency aimed at Alaskan companies was sparked in their living room while they visited with Travis’ parents. Both of them were in the early stages of forming their own small businesses. Seeing an advertisement for a workshop at the Alaska Small Business Development Center, the couple decided to attend in an effort to begin networking with other small business owners while also marketing themselves to prospective clients.

While at the SBDC, Travis and Kinnaly began to meet weekly with Business Advisor Mark Malagodi who advised them on many important business decisions. Mark was able to find a grant which Eos Creative Media met the criteria for, a rarity in the small business world. Mark and several others from the SBDC assisted them through the arduous process of applying for the UAA Microenterprise Grant, which they were awarded in full. The grant was not only helpful financially but also an auspicious sign of things to come as the company grew in size and reputation heading into the New Year.

In addition to Mark’s assistance, Eos had the opportunity to work with SBDC Assistant State Director Julie Nolen, who provided valuable knowledge concerning operating a small business in Eagle River.

“Since day one, the Alaska Small Business Development Center has played a pivotal and vital role in the continued growth and success of our company,” said Travis Madden, President of Eos Creative Media. “The extraordinarily gifted and highly insightful business counselors kept us focused on digesting the present, as we continually bit off more than we could chew. Without them, building a successful creative media and marketing company in Eagle River, Alaska would have been much harder than that already seems.”

Eos Creative Media has upgraded from a single couch in the living room into a fully integrated, hi-tech systems office and built-in custom theater for client video project screenings and the

occasional social event. Through their own hard work, many satisfied return clients and the financial assistance received from the grant, they now have the best 4K filmmaking equipment to help their clients achieve building a stronger successful brand.

Eos has a natural gift for telling client company’s stories through videos, print marketing, web, and digital media. Travis and Kinnaly continue to meet with Julie for her valuable insight and to assure Eos Creative Media’s success.

“There is no better place to be than around those who inspire and bring out the best in you, encourage you to live, be successful, give to others, and most importantly, influence you to do what you do, for the right reasons,” said Travis.

Learn more about Eos Creative Media and how they can help grow your business by reaching out to them at  907-854-7547.