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Elevate Wellness Center: Innovative Wellness for Alaskans

After experiencing a personal health journey using integrative and innovative therapies, Jodi Tansky was inspired to start a wellness center to provide those services and support to her community. Elevate Wellness Center is the first in Fairbanks to introduce multiple innovative options in one space. Services include IV nutrition, Prolon cellular reset, float, heat, and light therapies, and mediation and coaching support that can help Alaskans struggling with poor sleep, low energy, and high stress. During such a challenging year, these services are more valuable than ever. 

Jodi Tansky

Proud of finishing construction amidst the chaos of 2020, when asked what has been the best part of launching her own business, Tansky shared, “making an impact on the lives of Alaskans. It’s been truly rewarding to help people recover from burnout and feel “great” again. Seeing their transformation fuels my passion to keep inspiring others. I also enjoy the freedom of being able to express my personality through my work. I love to laugh with clients, so I’ve chosen to place “joy” and “humor” as a priority healing element in my space. After all—laughing is beneficial for the immune system!”

This method has proven to work well for Elevate Wellness Center. In preparing for their busiest season in the New Year, Tansky explained that most folks are thinking about and motivated to make health a priority, and Elevate Wellness Center is there to support those changes. To do this, her team is working on small-sized cooking classes and wellness groups for the first quarter of 2021 in their teaching kitchen and classroom to grow a supportive wellness community.

When asked what has worked best for her business strategy this year, Tansky divulged, Being patient and diligent has been key, but namely it was the business coaching I received—they don’t teach business in nursing school!  Working with Russ at Alaska SBDC helped me to prepare a solid plan, and also keep flexibility in mind when challenges arise.

Following such a tumultuous year and planning for a brighter 2021, consider making your health and wellness a priority. Elevate Wellness Center is located at 4001 Geist Rd, Suite #6 in Fairbanks, AK 99709 to provide you with all of the support that you will need.

To learn more and request an appointment, visit the website at and on Facebook and Instagram