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East Ramp Wood-Fired Pizza

A Hot Spot in Fairbanks:
East Ramp Wood-Fired Pizza

Located next to the Fairbanks Airport tower, East Ramp Wood-Fired Pizza is a hot spot for fantastic runway views, delicious handcrafted pizzas, and chilled beverages. With custom orders, freshly made dough, and a wood stone oven, it is no wonder that East Ramp has become a neighborhood favorite.

With a focus on community, great food, and aviation, owner Wendy Ehnert strives to ensure East Ramp Wood-Fired Pizza is welcoming, comfortable and based on teamwork. With Ehnert’s vision from the beginning are the talented lead cooks that make it a delicious reality – Joe, Cassandra, and Shawn.  Along with their passion and skill, pizzas are cooked to perfection within minutes allowing busy Alaskans the opportunity to enjoy a great meal by the fire, watch airplanes take off and land, and move along with their day with a smile.

Ehnert worked with the Alaska Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Fairbanks on her start-up ideas, working with Business Advisors Alexis Fanelli and Russell Talvi on her inspired plans.

On her business journey, she shared, “Alexis was great at assessing my needs and level of commitment. She shared a wealth of resources, gave me “to-do” lists to help me focus and was encouraging at every setback. I don’t think I would have opened East Ramp Wood-fired Pizza without the help of Alexis and Russ.”

Alexis Fanelli reminisced, “I can still remember the day when Wendy first walked into my office and it makes me smile. Her journey to business ownership was one filled with passion, struggle, challenges, growth, and ultimate success. Wendy had been a teacher for years, retired and then wanted to turn her passion for experimenting with and creating high-quality pizzas into a business reality. I am so glad she came to us!

Wendy and I worked tirelessly on perfecting her business plan and financial model (while also picking out colors to paint her walls and decor choices, fun!), but it paid off after she secured the funding she needed to open East Ramp Wood-Fired Pizza. It has experienced success beyond even what we projected and has become a part of the restaurant buzz in Fairbanks. I love visiting her restaurant, watching people enjoy her European-inspired pizza creations while watching planes come and go.”

Ehnert’s commitment to creating a welcoming and enjoyable dining experience has certainly made a difference within the Fairbanks Community.

Visit East Ramp Wood-Fired Pizza at 3788 University Ave S, Fairbanks or online at and on Facebook!