Alaska Small Business Development Center

Denali Bio Technologies, Inc.

Denali BioTechnologies, Inc. was founded in 2006 by biochemist and food scientist Maureen McKenzie, Ph.D. with the mission to conduct original research on the  nutritional and pharmaceutical potential of wild Alaskan vascular plants, mosses, lichens, mushrooms, and seaweeds, as well as fish and various marine organisms.Denali BioTech-5953 web

The business provides dietary supplement ingredients based on wild-crafted Alaska blueberries, rosehips, and meadow dandelions along with other natural products. Dr. McKenzie’s unique business idea was awarded a rare grant from the USDA which allowed the research to come to life.  Denali BioTechnologies released its flagship product, AuroraBlue®  after discovering incredibly high flavonoid content levels in wild blueberries grown in Alaska’s nearly 24-hour summer sunlight.

Dr. McKenzie began working with the Alaska Small Business Development Center (AKSBDC) in Soldotna early in 2014 as she pursued financing for a new manufacturing facility for her products. Together, Bryan Zak and Dr. McKenzie revised the financial projections for the business and used them to approach a lender for financing.

“AKSBDC and in particular Bryan Zak helped us navigate the obstacles to building the business that has the opportunity to grow from a domestic market to international sales. He introduced us to Alaska Growth Capital that has begun the desired financing to help Denali reach its goals” said Dr. McKenzie, “AKSBDC is also providing insights and leads into the challenges associated with commercial scale wild-harvesting”.

As the business grows, Dr. McKenzie says true to the company values of ethical behavior, cultural respect, sustainable practices and healthful offerings which helped make it such a success. You can learn more about this incredible Alaskan company at their website or give them a call at 907-226-2586.