Alaska Small Business Development Center

CapStrap, LLC

Starting a business is a complicated endeavor requiring a wealth of hard work, a talented team and a little bit of luck. Entrepreneurs who are looking to bring a revolutionary product to the market have the added hurdle of obtaining a patent for their product, which is a significant investment of both time and money but will prevent competitors from stealing the idea and producing it at a lower cost. CapStrap-5239 web

Tony Wilson, who was sick of losing his sunglasses, created a seemingly simple eyewear retention system that would secure the user’s glasses to their baseball cap. His first prototype was crafted using a rubber band and two paper clips. Seeing how well it worked, Tony experimented with different materials and finally created a product he knew he could bring to market. In 2005, Tony was able to secure a patent for the product- a huge feat for a single entrepreneur! With the patent under his belt, Tony looked to his son, T.J. to bring the product to market.

In 2013, T.J. and his friend and business partner, Charles Nading, approached the Alaska Small Business Development Center in Anchorage for some guidance on their business plan and preparing for a string of tradeshows where they hoped to sell their product to retailers. Lynn Klassert assisted T.J. and Charles with the business plan and also prepared them for negotiating with larger companies who were looking to stock their product. Lynn was also able to assist T.J. and Charles with importing and exporting information that will allow CapStrap to take advantage of the international marketplace.

“The SBDC and Lynn Klassert have been such a valuable asset for CapStrap, LLC in its beginning stages of business and will continue to be resources that CapStrap, LLC can trust, when it comes to making the right choices for the company” said T.J.

CapStrap has had initial success in both the wholesale and direct sell markets. You can learn more about CapStrap, purchase your own and get updates on this Alaskan business that’s making waves across the country at their website,