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Boreal Bioscapes, LLC

Boreal Bioscapes: Creating Your Oasis

Boreal Bioscapes founder, Claire Kaufman, is a Master Gardener with over 15 years of horticultural experience. She has worked in both the commercial and non-profit garden sectors and has instructed University-level courses in soil science and environmental management. Born and raised in a rural setting, gardening has been a part of Kaufman’s life for as long as she can remember. By taking a holistic approach to gardening she is able to recognize the complex relationships between plants and their surrounding environment.

Boreal Bioscapes is a garden service in Anchorage, Alaska specializing in creative design, installation, and maintenance. Their work is founded on the principles of organic agriculture and by working closely with their clients, they develop a vision for their gardens and transform that vision into a reality with impeccable quality. In starting Boreal Bioscapes, Kaufman connected with the Alaska Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Anchorage. On her start-up experience she shared, “As small business owners, our companies are often born from a desire to pursue a dream – something that we are passionate about and skilled at doing. However, we often lack the concrete tools needed to turn our dream into a profitable reality. This was the case for me. My creative gardening business grew out of my passion and expertise for working with plants and designing beautiful exterior spaces. The SBDC has been invaluable for providing me with opportunities and resources to develop my business skills. I would recommend that all small business owners, regardless of the maturity of their company, take advantage of the workshops and advising services provided by the Alaska SBDC.”

On her start-up venture, business advisor Lance Ahern shared, “When I first met Claire she was just getting ready for the summer and we knew Boreal Bioscapes was going to be very busy. Now that things have slowed down for the winter, Claire has done a fantastic job of taking the time to evaluate what is going on in her business and using that information to make informed decisions about how she wants to grow her business. I expect Claire’s business will bloom for years to come.”

By tapping into the small business community in Alaska, connecting with relevant contacts, and exploring industry reports and funding opportunities, Kaufman has made her business ownership dream a reality.

To make your own garden an oasis, connect with Boreal Bioscapes to create an environment that welcomes and captivates.

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