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Be Happy Home Maintenance

More than a Name: Be Happy Home Maintenance

Jacob of BeHappyMaitenance

Be Happy Home Maintenance isn’t just a business name for owner Jacob Bishop- his goal is to make sure that each of his customers, employees and suppliers is truly happy with their experiences. Bishop and his team work to make sure they exceed customer expectations and provide excellent service every step of the way. From landscaping to handyman services and everything in between, Be Happy Home Maintenance is the best company to call when you’re looking to check a wide variety of tasks off your to-do list.

Bishop began working with Anchorage Center Director Lynn Klassert in April of 2014, three years after starting his lawn care business. Be Happy Home Maintenance had evolved to include a myriad of services and was growing at a fast pace. Klassert worked with Bishop on his financial projections so that he could estimate what services would bring in the most for his company overall and make sure his price points would allow him to grow effectively. After completing the projections Bishop had the information and guidance he needed to decide to purchase another business and assimilate its client base into his own.

“SBDC was critical to our business success the past years. From a business plan, to a purchase of another business, to creating and beating our projections, to guiding us every step of the way,” said Bishop. “I give them most of the credit in our success and can’t thank them enough. I recommend any new business to go there before starting a business and continue working with them as you grow.”

Be Happy Home Maintenance continues to grow and meet with Klassert regularly to make sure their financial projections are accurate and up to date. Learn more about Be Happy Home Maintenance on their website and follow them on Facebook for updates!