Alaska Small Business Development Center

Authentic Alaska Travel

Carol Domme began working with Ketchikan Small Business Development Center Director, Linda Koons Auger in July of 2013 on her idea of creating a home-based travel agency. Domme had a natural entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to start a business that would take advantage of her hospitality and administrative skills. Through her work with the SBDC, Domme launched Authentic Alaska Travel; a service that links those looking to create the perfect Southeast Alaska adventure with vendors who can make that dream a reality. Authentic Photo

“The Small Business Development Center has been instrumental in providing classes, training, and one on one guidance and advice to make this new business a great success” said Domme.

Domme had worked with the SBDC previously on a separate business idea which,through her research and preparation, she decided not to pursue. Although the business was not launched, Domme learned several lessons that helped her start Authentic Alaska Travel seamlessly. Now in her first year of business, Domme has seen positive growth and is continuing to learn about the travel industry and expand her offerings.

If you are looking to plan a trip in the Ketchikan area, you can visit to browse through cruises, tours or even create a wishlist of your dream adventures and accommodations to create a customized itinerary.