Alaska Small Business Development Center

Auke Bay Yoga, LLC


Having taught yoga in Juneau since 2006, Lindsey Bloom was eager to find other teachers and practitioners who were as passionate about yoga as she was. It became a dream for Lindsey to create not just a space but a community where people could practice yoga, mindfulness and other wellness/healing modalities to support the well-being of our bodies, minds and community. 

With this passion in mind, Lindsey tapped into her entrepreneurial spirit, contacted  the Alaska Small Business Development Center and began exploring how to start a business of her own.  Working with her business advisor, Ian Grant, she worked through the business planning process and creating a clear set of financial projections that proved that her passion for having her own location could become a reality. “Ian stuck with me through the fits and starts of getting up and running for the last three years and provided steady guidance, accountability and belief in the idea of Auke Bay Yoga all the way through the process of getting my business plan together and financed.”

After all of her hard work and commitment Lindsey officially launched Auke Bay Yoga at the beginning of Summer 2022 as a place for connection, community, and embodiment: living fully present in your body. At Auke Bay Yoga the instructors provide people with a way to counterbalance the ‘hustle’ culture, burnout, and daily grind-induced fatigue, and teach movement and mindset practices which provide students tools to live steady, calm, and connected to a supportive and nurturing community on and off the mat.

Now open at 11798 Glacier Highway in Juneau, Alaska, Auke Bay Yoga offers over 20 classes a week and employs 13 experienced instructors that are here to support well-being and health for all kinds of people. Whether the client is looking for gentle and calming, sweaty and vigorous, or support during and after pregnancy, there is something on the schedule for everyone.  Auke Bay Yoga is also the first and only studio in Juneau to offer hot yoga classes utilizing their state-of-the-art infrared heating system.  Auke Bay Yoga also shares profits amongst their teachers as well as donating a percentage to Haa Tóoch Lichéesh, a local community wellness coalition.

As an added bonus, Auke Bay Yoga plans to offer restorative classes before and after the IronMan race, a Ski-Prep series, and other additional classes specifically for athletes.  Interested parties should watch for upcoming  events on Social  as well to see what Auke Bay Yoga has been up to this summer, which has been a lot already!

If you are interested in learning more about Auke Bay Yoga visit their website:  or via Facebook.