Alaska Small Business Development Center

Ascension Rock Club

When Ascension Rock Club hit the scene in Fairbanks several months ago, it opened up the community to a brand new form of indoor exercise and socializing. By establishing the first rock climbing gym in Fairbanks, Eamon and Audrey Stack knew they were bringing a long anticipated need to their adventurous demographic and couldn’t wait to open their doors.Eamon Stack of Ascencion Rock Club in Fairbanks, Alaska. Wife Audrey

A huge challenge for any rock climbing gym is the large startup cost associated with the venture. Eamon began working with Russ Talvi, Fairbanks Director for the Alaska Small Business Development Center as he worked through the financial projections, approached funders and even created an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. In just a few short months, Ascension Rock Club had the funding needed to open their doors and a full roster of local investors including Eamon and Audrey Stack, Richard Seifert, Jon Leiberman, Melissa Lieberman and Miker Frantes.

“Russ Talvi and the AK SBDC were instrumental in preparing us for the risks and challenges of starting a new business. They were most helpful in the area of budgeting, helping us minimize startup costs and plan for a successful startup period.”

Eamon and Russ also brainstormed ways to gain brand awareness for the new venture.

Ascension Rock Club is proud to be the first dedicated indoor climbing facility in Fairbanks offering an exciting experience to climbers of all ages and skill levels. They offer year-round recreational opportunities for all ages including a party room for birthday events, educational camps for kids and lessons and competitions for older age groups.

Learn more about Ascension Rock Club at their website or check them out in person at 195 Alta Way in Fairbanks, Alaska!