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Owned by husband and wife team, Beau and Tanya Sylte, Alaska in Motion (AIM) specializes in video production and marketing consultation services. As engagement becomes increasingly important in advertising, AIM creates stunning video advertisements and content for social media channels while streamlining the company’s messaging, brand, events, business, and more.

Through cinematography, editing, and consultation, Alaska is Motion has become well known in Southeast Alaska as the best marketing filmmaker in the region. With over 15,000 hours of experience filmed in over 29 different countries, it comes as no surprise that the visual stories AIM creates for businesses are top notch and unique. AIM recently put together recruitment marketing films for the Capital City Fire and Rescue that are of high quality and more enjoyable to watch than any other local competitors.

Beau Sylte, Alaska in Motion
Beau Sylte, Alaska in Motion

Sylte connected with the Alaska Small Business Development Center (Alaska SBDC) in Juneau to finetune their business model and build momentum moving forward. About their experience, they shared, “SBDC not only gave me support by providing conversations with an expert on businesses and government agencies in Juneau, but they also helped by having students at UAS take a thorough look at my website and provide solid feedback and tips.”

In working with AIM, Alaska SBDC Juneau Center Director, Jennifer Adams shared, “Beau contacted the Juneau SBDC seeking assistance to increase sales and visibility of his video production business. We have witnessed Alaska in Motion become more connected to the entrepreneurial community in Juneau and secure many new video production contracts. Alaska in Motion produces high-quality videos at 30% of the cost of larger companies and their editing/turn around time is super quick. With previous experience filming for companies such as National Geographic and video work in 29 countries, Juneau is lucky to have this level of talent in our midst!”

Connect with the Syltes at Alaska in Motion to start a conversation about your project idea, quotes, and more at or at 907-290-7058.