Alaska Small Business Development Center

Alaska Dinner Factory

Linnea and Rod Cummings, owners of Alaska Dinner Factory, have been long-time supporters of the Alaska Small Business Development Center. Linnea has worked with several Business Advisors since her initial meeting in 2008 and has utilized our financial classes and networking opportunities as their business grew. Most recently, Linnea met with Business Advisor Kimberlee Hayward to discuss their marketing and to continue growing this fantastic business that is perfect for busy families.Linnea Cummings

“In early years, SBDC advisors assisted me in getting a better understanding of my financials. I’ve taken the Profit Mastery course twice and would highly recommend it to all business owners,” said Cummings.  “I’m excited by the SBDC’s addition of a marketing advisor to help the continued growth of my business.”

Alaska Dinner Factory takes the planning and prep out of dinner, making it easy for you to have a month’s worth of fresh made, freezer ready, meals delivered to your location. For those who want a more hands-on experience, you can make your meals at their location, pop them into your freezer and pull them out instead of hitting up a fast food place when you’re in a time crunch. Ingredients are sourced from local vendors such as Mr. Prime Beef and 10th & M Seafoods and many of the meals are AlaskaFit-approved healthy options. Alaska Dinner Factory even offers freezer meals for when you’re on the go and need something same-day.

Alaska Dinner Factory has been able to stay relevant in the constantly changing Anchorage business environment by consistently improving and updating their services to meet their customer’s needs. For example, the introduction of the Delivery Club was a result of feedback from customers who loved the healthy meals but didn’t have the time to either make them or even pick them up. Participants of the delivery club receive 6-12 fully assembled family sized meals directly to their house every month with a per serving cost as low as $4.49.

Alaska Dinner Factory is owned and operated by life-long Alaskans and has been in business for nine years, sustaining their services at a low cost while national chains have come and gone.

Learn more about the business, the delivery club and the amazing freezer options at their website or check them out in person at 5905 Lake Otis Parkway in Anchorage, Alaska (NE corner of Lake Otis & Dowling).