Alaska Small Business Development Center

907 Financial, LLC

907 Financial is a financial literacy group dedicated to teaching beginner to advanced financial concepts through one-on-one coaching sessions and group seminars. 907 Financial is committed to educating, empowering, and serving as an accountability partner for its clients.

Owner, Travis Gularte, comes from a long line of proud Alaska Natives including his great-aunt, Elizabeth Peratrovich. With his Tlingit and Yupik ancestry, he has a great interest in providing financial education to further elevate local native communities.

Travis’ vested interest is completely and unequivocally focused on educating and empowering the public, setting his business apart. With 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, including 7 years as a financial advisor, Travis has constructed financial plans and coached numerous clients through different phases of their lives. Regardless of a client’s tax bracket, annual income, net worth, investable assets, or other parameters that might prevent them from working with a financial professional, 907 Financial is dedicated to empowering them.

I have the knowledge and experience it takes to help others find their financial freedom.

As is well-known, business ownership is not an easy feat with its own set of challenges and experiences, but it can be richly rewarding. Travis’ favorite aspect of being a small business owner is the ability to pivot his company and point it in the direction it needs to move based on the feedback of the community he serves. “I don’t need to get permission from a district manager who doesn’t live in Alaska to drive to Kenai and work with that community. If someone reaches out to me and tells me there are a group of people in Fairbanks who want my help, I can hop on a plane that week and fly up to work with that group of people. I love the fact that I can help share my services with a community that needs my help and not have to get permission from an executive office.”

This autonomy and flexibility carry its own set of lessons as well. For Travis, he has learned to truly embrace and become a part of the community he is serving as much as possible through local Chambers of Commerce, Rotary, and immersing himself with youth sports and volunteer organizations.

It can also be a lonely journey.

Learning to overcome self-doubt and focusing on what you have accomplished and want to accomplish is paramount. Ignore the naysayers (they are out there) and rely on the community you serve to help you on your path and you will find great happiness and fulfillment in what you do,” Travis humbly shared.

What is next for 907 Financial?

Travis’ vision is continued growth sharing, “What I have learned over the years is people all over the world are craving financial literacy at every level, regardless of their income, net worth or investable assets. There are people across the world who are struggling with the same financial problems as we are in Alaska, so I am looking to spread my knowledge and expertise with them too.”

Further, his efforts are leading him to a new project: creating a YouTube channel people can subscribe to where he will cover different financial concepts and offer solutions to the common problems people experience. He has also started a podcast called, “The Middle-Aged Millionaire,” where he discusses relevant financial information and interviews local people about what they know about money or wish they knew about finances- topics everyone can relate to.

For all of your financial education needs, connect with Travis at (907) 231-0990.