Alaska Small Business Development Center

Tranquil Healing Community

New Anchorage Community for Relaxation and Growth

Susette Jenkins with clients at Kincaid Pard 160515.

Tranquil Healing Community, established by Susette Jenkins, has found a new home in the Anchorage community. Susette has had a lifelong affinity for the healing arts of Tai Chi and massage and has earned the titles of Master Massage Therapist and Lao Shi. She has traveled to China twice to study with doctors of Chinese Medical Massage (Tui Na) with the Beijing Sports Olympic Massage Therapists and the Beijing Hospital of Orthopedics. After years of study, Susette opened her practice in Anchorage so that she could share her gifts with her community and foster a space of healing and growth. Tranquil Healing Community specializes in assisting clients in their healing journey through the application of Chinese massage and Tai Chi.

As she began to create her website and marketing materials for her business, Susette sought the assistance of the Alaska Small Business Development Center. Susette worked with her business advisor, Kimberlee Hayward, on her website and on ways to promote the business. As they worked through the website they discussed the vision for the business and what needs it would meet for the community.

“The Alaska SBDC assisted me in developing my website. I came with ideas and they asked me questions to help refine my vision. I did my homework and came back with more questions” said Susette.

Susette continues to build upon her website as she works to create a calming space for her clients to meditate, receive a massage and discover the arts of Tai Chi and QiGong.