Alaska Small Business Development Center

Well-Founded, Wild-Foraged

July 27, 2020

Foraged & Found is a chef-founded, Ketchikan-based business founded on a love of the wild foods that grow in the oceans and forests of Southeast Alaska. All of their products celebrate the natural bounty of the state. With a company ethos rooted in the environment and health, owners Jenn Brown, Ciarra Perro, and Chelsea Goucher combine their talents to source foraged ingredients into beloved pantry staples.

Foraged & Found was entering an expansion phase—wholesaling to new markets in and out of state—when the pandemic hit Alaska. The owners leaned on the resiliency that originally brought them together. With an ability to frame the challenge as an opportunity, they came to see their modest size as a business advantage. By operating on a small scale, Foraged & Found identified opportunities for slow growth, allowing them to test the waters, identify resources, and adequately serve the community. Their passionate approach allows them to give back to Southeast Alaska and the people around them while helping Alaska build a new economy of local food.

Foraged & Found provides a range of preserved food products featuring the wild-grown plants found in the land and sea of Southeast Alaska. You’ll find sauces, salsas, pickles, and preserves made from sea succulents, wild berries, and other foraged edible plants like spruce tips and seaweed.

Fill your pantry shelves with a healthy taste of Alaska or gift a unique Alaska food product to the foodie in your life. Follow Foraged & Found on Facebook and Instagram or contact them via their website:

This web story is in collaboration with our partners at Edible Alaska

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