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10 Quick Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Blog

April 1, 2015


If you’ve decided to try blogging to drive traffic to your website, the first step is driving traffic to your blog. A little bit of the chicken and the egg scenario here, for sure! I could write for days on this topic but the purpose of this blog is not to overwhelm you with information but rather to provide you with a few quick-hit ideas so you can follow-through and take action. These ideas will help you begin promoting your blog and attract traffic quickly and effectively.

  1. Put a link to your blog on your website’s home page.
  2. Promote your blog on your business card.
  3. Include a link to your blog as part of your e-mail signature and in the footer of all company business communications (stationery, invoices, receipts, etc.).
  4. At least once a month, post your blog on social media sites… Facebook, My Space, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  5. Link to other blogs in your posts to offer your readers further information about your post topic – other bloggers love this and will often return the favor.
  6. Submit articles in your area of expertise to article submission services and link to your blog through your by-line (a byline is your short bio at the end of the article).
  7. Track back to a previous post in your blog. If you want to expand on a topic a good way to achieve more links is to reference back to a previous post by linking to it.
  8. Link to other blogs through your ‘blogroll’; a blogroll is simply a list with links to other blogs that you enjoy reading frequently.
  9. Leave helpful, ‘meaty’ comments on other blogs with a link (or mention) of your blog as part of your signature; make sure your comment is useful, insightful, entertaining or educational for the readers of that site; pick out three or four blogs to engage with on a consistent basis.
  10. List your blog on (a directory of blogs); membership is free and readers from around the web will be able to find what you’ve written.

Written by AnchorKimberlee Hayward croppedage Business Advisor Kimberlee Hayward

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