Alaska Small Business Development Center

Disability Law: What Businesses Should Know

This 52-minute webinar covers the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), including what a “reasonable accommodation” request might look like, the required interactive process, and so much more!

What you will learn: 

  • Four categories of discrimination in employment and how it relates to the entire employment process;
  • What harassment is in the work environment – manager/business owner responsibilities, and employer liability;
  • Questions to consider in determining if reasonable accommodations are needed according to the definitions of disability – including the “treated as” definition, special situations, and determining what are (and are not) reasonable accommodations for essential functions of a qualified employee (with examples);
  • What an appropriate interactive process looks like;
  • The “undue hardship” definition, and the “direct threat” definition;
  • Types of disability-related questions that may (and may not) be asked of job applicants during the pre-offer phase, post-offer phase, and once employed.
  • “Retaliation” definition and protections.
  • Three applicable laws to be aware of.
  • “Public accommodations” definitions.
  •  “Service animals” definitions and questions that can/cannot be asked.

Presented by Mitzi B. Anderson, Executive Director, Anchorage Equal Rights Commission (AERC); and Mark Loper, Professional Investigator, Alaska State Commission for Human Rights (ASCHR).

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