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Developing Your Website Marketing Strategy – Part 1: 2023 Digital Marketing Trends

Are you developing a new website for your business?  Or perhaps you’re not getting the website traffic you were hoping for?

In this Part 1 of the “Developing Your Website Marketing Strategy” series, Michael Buzinski discusses the specific digital marketing strategies you can use, as he walks you through the steps of optimizing your digital marketing strategy in “2023 Digital Marketing Trends.”

There are specific digital marketing strategies that Michael Buzinski discusses to help you:

  • optimize your website;
  • optimize the SEO for your mobile device users;
  • target your audience;
  • effectively use email marketing and social media marketing;
  • incorporate backlinks;
  • use ads with LinkedIn, Google Ads, YouTube, third-party networks;
  • and much more!

Michael Buzinski will walk you through the steps to optimize your digital marketing strategy.  In this 30-minute workshop, you will also learn:

  • The 12 features of a profitable website;
  • Eight successful social media advertising strategies;
  • How to analyze key metrics to monitor and improve your digital marketing strategies;
  • And more!

About the Presenter: With over 30 years of award-winning marketing experience, Michael Buzinski of Buzzworthy Integrated Marketing, LLC has been a driving force behind the success of more than 1,200 businesses nationwide. As the best-selling author of The Rule of 26 and with accolades from the American Marketing Association as a “Visionary Marketer,” Michael is an industry authority.


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