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Creating Financial Projections for Your Business Plan

Are you starting a new business or perhaps buying/evaluating an existing business?  This workshop on Creating Financial Projections for Your Business Plan is the first place to start planning your business or evaluating an existing business.

Using a sample business, Allan Carraway will walk you through the steps of preparing your financial projections for you business using the Alaska SBDC’s Financial Model.  No previous experience with Excel is necessary.  Allan will begin by discussing the paperwork you will need to gather whether you’re starting a new business or buying/evaluating an existing business.  He will also discuss other resources for you to use in developing your financial projections and evaluating the feasibility of your business.  The printer-friendly results of this exercise will be ready to insert into the financial portion of your business plan.


In this 2-hour workshop, you will learn how to use the Financial Model worksheet to:


  • Enter the Required Start-Up Funds for the business;
  • Enter Salaries & Wages for the business;
  • Calculate Fixed Operating Expenses;
  • Create the Projected Sales Forecast;
  • Calculate the Cash Receipts-Disbursements;
  • Analyze your Beginning Balance Sheet;
  • Understand your Income Statements for years one thru three;
  • Understand your Cash Flow Statements for years one thru three;
  • Understand your Balance Sheet for years one thru three;
  • Review your Three Year Summary;
  • Analyze your Breakeven Analysis;
  • Review the Amoritization Schedule; and
  • Problem-solve your financial projections to analyze the feasibility of your business.


Presented by:  Allan Carraway, Former SBDC Business Advisor, Alaska SBDC.



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