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Cottage Food Permit Process – Municipality of Anchorage

Do you prepare foods in a home-kitchen in the Municipality of Anchorage and want to learn what’s required to sell your food products directly to consumers?  For example, are you wanting to sell baked goods at a local event, but not quite sure what’s allowed (and not allowed) by the Municipality of Anchorage?  The “Cottage Food Permit Process – Municipality of Anchorage” workshop explains what a “cottage food” is (and is not).  It walks you through the steps of getting your permit and what you need to do to stay compliant with the Anchorage Health Department in the Municipality of Anchorage.

During this 12-minute workshop, you will learn:

  • What “cottage foods” include and what they don’t include;
  • The cottage food permit requirements;
  • What you need to do before selling cottage foods in the Municipality of Anchorage;
  • Information about submitting a Cottage Food License application;
  • Steps required to get a Food Worker Card;
  • Example of “list of ingredients” that must be submitted in the application;
  • Explanation of cottage foods requiring pH and water activity test;
  • Example of cottage food product label requirements;
  • Example of cottage food placard display requirements;
  • Responsibilities in preparing and packaging cottage food products to assure health and sanitation;
  • Inspections of cottage food and food safety compliance;
  • Additional safety techniques, samples and sanitizing; and
  • Other resources.

Presented by:  Andria Cross, Environmental Health Educator, Environmental Health Services, Public Health Division, Health Department, Municipality of Anchorage.

What others have said about this workshop:  “The information was very informative and I can pass on to others who may be thinking of starting a business. Descriptions of what constitutes a cottage business were explained with clarity.”

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