Alaska Small Business Development Center

A Dog Walks Into a Bar: What Alaskan Businesses Need to Know About Customers with Service Animals

The use of service animals of all types is on the rise. Businesses need to know how to handle customers with service animals without ensnaring themselves in legal trouble. Presented by Alaska State Commission for Human Rights (ASCHR) attorneys Rob Corbisier and Alex Roider discussing what federal and state laws cover in this unique area of disability law.

Topics covered during this 33-minute On Demand workshop include:

– the sliding scale of civil rights protections accompanying varying types of service animals;

– what questions business owners can and can’t ask customers with service animals;

– when business owners can ask service animals to leave; and

– what special rules apply to air travel and property rental.

This workshop is the first in our Human Rights for Businesses brown bag series presented by the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights (ASCHR) and partner organizations.  The human rights topics will vary, however the brown bags will be specifically focused on helping small businesses better understand how to head off a wide variety of discrimination claims.

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