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Financial Model Worksheets

For many, the financial side of starting or running a business is overwhelming and intimidating. The Alaska SBDC understands this concern, so we created a tool that makes it easy to build start-up projections or manage financials of an existing business. It can help to determine if a new business will “pencil out” or if an existing business may qualify for a loan. And, this spreadsheet serves as the Financial Portion of any Business Plan.

This incredible Financial Model is by far, our most popular and widely-used tool. Reach out to a Business Advisor today to get started.

Select the format that works best for you:

The Basic Financial Model worksheet is suitable for existing businesses and startups that do not require as elaborate a financial model to help crunch the numbers.

The Advanced Financial Model worksheet is for use with Microsoft Excel only and is suitable for more detailed financial modeling, including amortizing loans; calculating depreciation; providing a number of products; wage ranges; etc..

The Compatible Financial Model provides the same content as the advanced version above but is compatible with Mac, Google Sheets, and 64-bit display preferences.

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