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Business Plan Outline

This tool download includes three variations of a business plan. See the descriptions below to find the right version for your purpose.

Version 1: Cheat Sheet

What is a Business Plan? Do I need one? And, why is it important? Answers to these questions can be found in this Cheat Sheet. This tool also helps you understand the basic elements of a business plan and how to approach it. Once you have started working through some of the elements suggested on this document, you will be ready to start writing your Business Plan.

Version 2: Simple

This tool provides a simple, easy to navigate, outline for creating a business plan. This classic outline includes all of the elements necessary for most loan requests but it is still easy to follow and understand. This guide is especially helpful because it asks many of the questions business owners should be asking themselves, and it helps to organize your thoughts into an easy-to-communicate format.

Version 3: Extended

This tool takes the business owners through a very in-depth review of their business operations. The outline is more thorough than the “Business Plan Outline – Simple” tool we offer and is a great resource for start-up business owners who want to understand each and every element of their business. This tool will ultimately help produce a healthy business plan.

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