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July 22-24: Path to Prosperity Business Basics

Have an idea that you’re looking to turn into a business? Or a side hustle you’re looking to expand? Join Spruce Root July 22-24 for Business Basics to learn the skills you’ll need to launch

SBA Tools for Small Business Exporters & Global Supply Chains

SBA Tools for Small Business Exporters & Global Supply Chains June 30, 2020- 3:00pm EST (11:00 am AKST) Do you sell overseas or are you part of a global supply chain?  Is your company ready

6/3: Alaska SBDC Virtual Class in McGrath

Learn How to Find Your Business’ Monthly Break Even The Alaska SBDC Director of Rural Program Development, Jennifer Adams, will be hosting a webinar for the McGrath community to present on learning how to find

Alaska SBDC Visits Kodiak

The Importance of Local Search Optimization

If you have ever searched for a business on the internet, chances are, you have come across Google Places. With Google Places, local businesses are among the first results of your search query, assuming you

Veteran Affairs CWT-TWE Program: What Employers Should Know – Anchorage

Are you an employer or a veteran? If so, do you understand how the Veterans Affairs office can guide you through the process of either hiring or obtaining employment and work experience? The VA Compensated

Financial Statements for the Non-Accountant

The Anchorage SBDC is partnering with Total Management Solutions to offer an upcoming class on financial statements for the non-accountant. Learn more about this class and how it can help you better understand your bottom

Energy Finance for Business Owners

The Alaska Small Business Development Center will be co-hosting an event with the Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation on September 14, 2016 from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM at the Cold Climate Housing Research Center in

Free Webinar on Safety and Health Consultation Services

This 1 hour presentation discusses the benefits of utilizing Alaska’s Occupational Safety and Health Consultation and Training program, designed to offer free on-site safety and health services for small and medium-sized businesses. The presentation will

American Dreams Preparatory Workshops

The Fairbanks SBDC team will be presenting two workshops on August 4th from 5:30-7:30pm on planning your perfect pitch and on break even analysis. No registration is necessary and the classes will take place at

Investor workshops with Angel Resource Institute

As part of Alaska Startup week, the Angel Resource Institute will be presenting three classes on investing on July 24th, 25th & 26th. Topics include Women & Angel Investing, Due Dilligence and a full day

Upcoming: Alaska Startup Week

Startup Week (July 23-31) is led by local entrepreneurs and startup activists and hosted in amazing spaces all over town and is a cornerstone statewide event in the “Year of Innovation”, a statewide effort to

Fairbanks: Drug Free Workplace Workshop

The Fairbanks AGC is hosting a workshop this month to help employers with one of the bigger changes to our economic landscape: the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana has been legalized in Alaska for recreational and

Ideas into Business Workshop in Fairbanks

SBDC’s Adam Krynicki will be teaching a class on turning a great idea into a realistic business model on May 4th at the Alaska Small Business Development Center! Learn more and register by contacting Kathryn

Starting a Business class in Wasilla

Join the Alaska SBDC in Wasilla for Starting a Business and learn the basics before buying your license! Learn more and register here.

Prospering in Alaska’s Next Recession

Upcoming seminar with Professor Ed Hess on the fundamentals of growth for small businesses.  Avoid the common mistakes that most businesses make when growing. Professor Hess teaches a growth strategy that fits your business’s current

Healthcare Plans for Small Business

This upcoming course will provide an overview of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act from the perspective of Alaska Small Business and discuss upcoming changes facing business owners. Key topics will include minimum essential

Important Workshop for Small Business Owners

Join Mike Mason, Product Support Manager, and Michelle Wamack, Card Fraud & Risk Analyst, of First National Bank Alaska as they discuss cyber security threats and card fraud trends. Learn the importance of protecting personal

Join us for How to Write a Business Plan

Looking for some guidance as you work through your planning stage? Join the Anchorage center for our How to Write a Business Plan class where attendees will go through the financial projection and narrative for

Fairbanks class on developing ideas into a business

On Saturday, October 17th from 10am-12pm UAF is hosting “How to Develop Ideas Into Businesses” lead by Jim McDermott. Participants will discuss how to start a new business venture and go over idea development from