Alaska Small Business Development Center


Making Magic Happen on the Kenai Peninsula

In less than a year, Amber Abbott has taken a dream of business ownership and made it a vibrant reality. Studio49 is the Peninsula’s newest fitness hotspot, offering high energy cardio and spinning classes that are perfect for everyone, from beginners to competitors. Just one glance at the reviews makes one thing clear: Studio49 is a fitness boutique setting the standard for indoor and outdoor cycling enthusiasts alike.

To launch successfully and meet her goals, Amber connected with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Soldotna on the details for a seamless start-up.

Amber Abbott, Studio49

“Starting a business is scary, a little like having your first baby. There is so much information coming at you, and still, so much you don’t know, which can affect your confidence. Cliff at the SBDC helped me organize my thoughts and focus on the priorities. The most important thing he did was to show me a custom spreadsheet of how the business had the possibility to thrive. His encouragement was instrumental in giving me the confidence to keep moving forward, even during some unexpected personal trials.”

Studio49 is not slowing down anytime soon. Amber’s business advisor, Cliff Cochran had this to share about her passion and dedication, “After our first meeting, I could tell Amber was going to succeed with Studio49.  She had carefully planned everything and was incredibly organized.  It’s not common to find an entrepreneur who is both highly skilled in their field and an astute business person, but Amber is both.  She has brought a great new way to exercise on the Kenai Peninsula and is already having an impact on the community.  Her business model is exceptional and one that could be developed into a successful franchise relatively easily.”

What’s working for Studio49? They are the only fitness venue to offer the Spivi Virtual Reality training and display system, which allows indoor cyclists to see their avatar on-screen, next to their fellow riders. After each class, riders receive an email with their personal metrics, like calories, distance, and rank. This allows them to track progress over time, have friendly competition, and feel connected.


Additionally, Studio49 is committed to giving back by continuously looking for ways to better their community. One way Amber and her team are accomplishing this locally is supporting a member with diabetes, who rides annually in the Tour de Cure. Studio49 held a fundraiser charity ride helping this member surpass his goal.

On a global level, Studio49 has partnered with Causely to make an impact as Sweat Angels. Members simply check-in on Facebook, or Instagram and this triggers a donation to the cause of the month. In June the check-ins provided 22 pairs of athletic shoes to children in developing countries. In July, every check-in was worth 100 gallons of fresh drinking water.

Amber Abbott, Studio49

This is one small business that is making more than an impact for its clients, but also for the community, on both local and global levels. Connect with Studio49 on their website to schedule a class and join the fitness family. Studio49 is located in the Peninsula Center Mall and you can reach Amber and the team at 907-398-7113.