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SHH Designs

SHH Designs: Alaskan Wildflowers Pressed in Glass

Located at Mile 105 Richardson Highway in Copper Center, Alaska you’ll find SHH Designs. Owner Susan Heuer harvests Alaskan wildflowers and uses her talent and creativity to press and seal them to create visually stunning glassware pieces. Inspired by the passing of her beloved dog with whom she has spent countless hours harvesting wildflowers, Heuer created her first piece in memorial and found a new passion.

Heuer worked with Alaska Small Business Development Center (Alaska SBDC) Director of Rural Program Development, Jennifer Adams, to navigate the complications of the coronavirus in Alaska. On their work together she explained, “Jennifer has been a wealth of information, ideas, and support. Her advice with marketing and advertising has helped spur ideas not thought of and her recommendations and support and access are much appreciated!”

Through a challenging year, Heuer is proud to have pivoted her business model to include a new website to further share her work. She shared about her entrepreneurial journey so far that it has been important to give up the idea that a business will only operate 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday-Friday. This is a sentiment the Alaska SBDC hears often and Heuer summed it up perfectly with advice for those just starting, “be structured, flexible, and motivated with your time,” while extending grace to yourself as a business owner. 

In planning for the months to come, Heuer is focusing on connecting with long-term consignment contracts for her unique and handmade Alaska products.

Whether a thoughtful gift, a beautiful addition to your home, or an ornament for the holidays, SHH Designs might just have the perfect glassware piece. Connect with SHH Designs online at or by calling (907) 259-4410.