Alaska Small Business Development Center


Fairbikes is a bike-sharing business that lets you pick-up and drop-off a bike at any of their bike-sharing stations in Fairbanks. The bikes are specially designed for short trips throughout town and come equipped with baskets to help you with errands. Each station has a selection of bikes that can be rented for the day or several days and customers can also buy 30-day or annual passes through the website.

Owners John Stowman and Jennifer Eskridge brought the bike-share model to Fairbanks after seeing it’s success in other major cities in the lower 48. Their stations are not only convenient for those who are looking for a different mode of transportation but also for the communities that host them. Fairbikes hopes to reduce traffic and parking congestion, improve air quality and improve access to downtown and campus destinations as more and more customers use their bikes.Fairbikes 7523 web

Stowman and Eskridge first learned about the Alaska Small Business Development Center in Fairbanks during the 2013 StartUP Weekend where they met AKSBDC Fairbanks Director Russ Talvi. Talvi continued to work with them as they pitched their business to potential funders and looked for downtown Fairbanks businesses to partner up with.

“Russ Talvi with SBDC has been a phenomenal resource as I learn what I need to do to start and build my business. SBDC’s ever-growing network of business and community leaders in the area helped introduce our company to key mentors and partners who have become prominent supporters in our endeavors. The sessions with Russ were rigorous brainstorming opportunities that helped me to critically think about my market, and plan next steps. His insights, input and mentorship have been invaluable” said John.

Fairbikes is making waves in the press and in their local business community. Winners of the 2013 Fairbanks StartUP Weekend, they have also been featured recently on KTVF11 Health Talk. You can learn more about their bike-share opportunities at their website or their facebook page.