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BEP Company

BEP: A Unique Alaskan Company

As a Juneau-based toner cartridge remanufacturer, recycler, and supplier since 1988, the BEP Company was established when personal printing was a new concept and has since remained on the cutting edge of the industry for 30 years.

BEP is constantly learning new processes, new products, and best practices to remanufacture, recycle, and source print consumables.  Owner Shelly Smith is proud of her company’s commitment to sustainable business practices and the recent award certification by Green America acknowledging this commitment comes as no surprise..  The certification criteria focused on the amount of local labor and value created, use of sustainable materials, level of recycling, and importance of sustainability to overall business goals. This Green Business Certification helps BEP Company clients run their offices in a more sustainable manner while building their Green Brand in confidence by working with companies like BEP that have made the extra investment in certification. BEP customers enjoy cost savings and top-quality work with the benefits of local manufacturing and service.  

BEP Company Alaska has also earned the highest level of standing as a Preferred Vendor in the State of Alaska Product Preference Program because of the work accomplished in Juneau. This listing is available to all state of Alaska agencies and employees to assist in local purchasing opportunities.  It is a great benefit to the local economy as well by saving clients 30% and more on toner cartridges, thus promoting best sustainable business practices and supporting local small business.   

Shelly Smith, Owner, BEP Company
Shelly Smith, Owner, BEP Company

BEP Company was recently certified as a Woman Owned Small Business and is currently working on the Federal HUBZone Certification.  These certifications are appealing to federal agencies who award contracts and make purchases with local companies.  

The Alaska Small Business Development Center (SBDC) worked with Shelly to further develop her business in a number of ways; the most significant of which through consultation and mentorship with her business advisor, Kimberlee Hayward. Shelly shared, “I reached out to [Kimberlee] because I needed help competing in the current market.  I did not have a marketing plan and I knew I lacked the skills needed to create a strong brand presence. “

When I consider the marketing strategies of previous business experiences and how much it contrasts with marketing and advertising in my current business, it is a vastly different playing field.  The current marketplace requires much technical, social and marketing strategy skills I did not use 30 years ago.  BEP Company is entering its 30th year of service in Juneau, Alaska, during which time we have relied heavily on word of mouth advertising and in-person visits (it’s a small town).  

Now, there is a new generation of decision-makers who are tech and social savvy.  Our company wasn’t getting noticed.  We needed to catch up so that we could remain competitive. Ms. Haywood helped me move confidently into this new realm of digital and social media marketing, website development, and establishing a more relevant and recognizable brand and message.  I thought the learning curve would be too great to make it worth my time and that outsourcing would be my only viable option to making this critical shift in my marketing strategy.  With Kim’s help, I learned that I could develop these new skills over time and that I wouldn’t need to invest a lot of money to do so.  I also learned that even if I had outsourced, I would still have needed to learn these skills.  I am grateful for the on-going relationship we’ve developed.  Frankly, I was surprised just how much help was available to me through the SBDC. BEP Company has been and remains an extension of my personal values in so many ways.  Our discussions have moved beyond marketing to other business growth strategies to include how to communicate values to my customers.  It’s been a great deal of fun and I look forward to working on more of the short and long-term goals we’ve identified.  The skilled mentorship I have received has made all the difference in turning goals into reality. “