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Alaska Escape Rooms

Alaska Escape Rooms is Redefining Entertainment in Anchorage

Located in the basement of a popular Alaskan restaurant you’ll find hidden passages, mechanical marvels, potential Yeti sightings, and surprises around every corner. The owner, Graeme Deishl, wanted to create an accessible adventure in the heart of Anchorage and Alaska Escape Rooms is providing just that with its interactive and immersive escape room scenario and experience. 

Alaska Escape Room owner Graeme Deishl in an escape room adorned with escape clues.

“Being a small business owner we have to wear a lot of hats, and as people, we are each good at different core skills. As we grow, when we encounter obstacles we are NOT good at, SBDC has been there to help us with a plan for success, making sure no matter how small the business that we have a comprehensive strategy that covers all aspects of good business practice.”

Graeme worked with the Small Business Development Center in Anchorage to achieve practical and actionable steps for his business start-up. His business advisor, Lance Ahern, notes,”Graeme’s success has been due to his uncompromising focus on building the best Escape Room experience for his customers. He has done a great job of building a community of Alaskan artists and storytellers who support his vision for making Alaska Escape Rooms a uniquely Alaskan experience.”

To plan a private or corporate event, or book a time slot with friends, visit Alaska Escape Rooms and schedule a time to expect the unexpected. Also, read the reviews flooding their popular Facebook page!