Alaska Small Business Development Center

ProfitCents provides industry data for small business owners who want to better understand the business landscape. ProfitCents is normally a fee-based service. However, the SBDC has an arrangement that allows us to provide ProfitCents reports for our clients.

Take a look at the sample reports available below. Then ask your local SBDC Advisor how you can get a free ProfitCents report for your industry.

Sample of Full Report

ProfitCents Industry Data and Analysis

A detailed industry report that provides industry-specific recommendations for improvement, as well as real-time industry data, showing the number of financial statements behind each industry average.

Sample of Basic Version

ProfitCents Basic Version

For sole proprietors and tax-only business owners who may be intimidated by performance ratios, this report is often used as a starter. This 4-8 page report includes both text and graphs, and is also available in Spanish.