Alaska Small Business Development Center

Operations Staff

The Alaska SBDC Operations Office supports all regional centers, business advisors, directors, and clients across the state. The Operations Office oversees the management of Alaska SBDC marketing and communications, client onboarding, support and relationships, events and workshops, and data and reporting.

Jon Bittner

Executive Director | message

As Executive Director of the Alaska SBDC, Jon Bittner oversees seven regional centers to ensure that the Alaska SBDC provides accessible, high-quality business assistance services to individuals and existing businesses. In his role, he provides program management, advocacy, and fundraising in addition to serving as the Lead Investigator for the various grant programs that are run through Alaska SBDC. He formerly served as vice president of Anchorage Economic Development Center (AEDC). Jon also served as the Deputy Commissioner for the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development.

Kendra Conroy

SBDC Operations Manager | message

With over 17-years of Alaska SBDC experience under her belt, Kendra Conroy is an integral leader of the Alaska SBDC team. As the SBDC Operations Manager, she oversees the day-to-day functions of the Executive Office, serves as the HR liaison, and maintains Alaska SBDC policies and procedures. Kendra also manages the Alaska SBDC’s vast client database and ensures proper and timely reporting of all Alaska SBDC metrics.

Katie Nave

BuyAlaska Program Manager | message

Katie Nave is the BuyAlaska Program Manager and is thrilled to be finding ways to promote Alaska’s small businesses and to encourage shopping local first. With a background in the natural sciences and sustainable forest management, she took her passion for sustainability into the field of business and has an MBA in Sustainable Systems.

Katie has a breadth of experience working in small business management from tourism to e-commerce and understands the needs and hurdles that small businesses face daily. Katie has always felt a sense of entrepreneurship and is currently undertaking her small business venture. Outside of the office, Katie is an avid swimmer, skier, and lover of the outdoors.

Jay Halverson

Alaska SSBCI Lending Program Director | message

Jay has been part of the lending industry for more than 30 years starting as a construction lending officer and working his way to the executive office and consultant. In the past he has worked diligently as a liaison between lenders and governmental agencies helping the organizations work together to reach their common goals. Being part of Alaska for the past decade both in the southeast and south central area, Jay understands the uniqueness, great gifts and challenges the State offers. Assisting business/agencies/organizations in working together is his personal aspiration to positively affect communities and individuals in Alaska. As the director of the Alaska SSBCI lending programs, Jay is working to bring the current initiative to the banking and credit unions with the same innovation, coordination and commitment of previous successes.

Dawn Humenik

SSBCI Operations Specialist | message

Dawn joined the University of Alaska Anchorage in 2017 and has been an integral part of the Alaska Small Business Development Center SSBCI team since early 2023. With a passion for governance, volunteering, and small business, Dawn is highly regarded for her ability to forge connections, provide exceptional customer service, and think creatively to solve problems. Her diverse professional experience includes working with a broad range of clients, from large federal agencies to startups. Dawn’s ultimate goal is to have a positive impact on Alaska’s economy and workforce. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading, and exploring different aspects of well-being, such as gardening, physical fitness, and mindfulness.

Frances Wesley

SBDC Client Coordinator | message

Frances Wesley, a long-time Alaskan has over 30 years of administrative experience including Operations Analyst, IT Project Management, and Human Resources. She takes pride in being an effective team worker, customer service, and helping to ensure projects are completed. She has done various volunteer work at many nonprofit organizations in Anchorage and is currently an officer on the board of a nonprofit organization that is helping to serve the community housing needs.

Frances received her Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis on Human Resources Organizational Development from Alaska Pacific University.