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Alaska SBDC Awarded $3 Million in SBA Grants to Empower Alaska Businesses, Healthcare Innovation

May 28, 2024


Alaska, May 28, 2024 – The Alaska Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is excited to announce it has been awarded a combined $3 million in new grant funding, thanks to actions taken by Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). The funds will be administered by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). This funding will fuel two exciting new initiatives designed to advance Alaska’s entrepreneurial spirit and revolutionize healthcare across the state.

  • $1 Million Fuels Alaska Native Entrepreneurship Program: This $1 million grant will support a statewide program fostering rural entrepreneurship and innovation, focusing on supporting the growth and success of Alaska Native-owned businesses. Through this initiative, the Alaska SBDC will provide:
    • AI-based tools and technology for rural communities and rural economic development organizations 
    • New services and training to help expand business development resources in rural communities 
    • Create new opportunities for rural businesses to grow and thrive
  • $2 Million Boosts Alaska Healthcare Innovation: An additional $2 million grant will be dedicated to a new Alaska Healthcare Innovation program. This multi-year program will serve as a catalyst for the development and implementation of pioneering solutions to address healthcare challenges unique to Alaska’s rural communities. The program will focus on: 
    • Identifying barriers to rural healthcare
    • Spurring innovations in healthcare technology, services, and techniques 
    • Developing and deploying AI-based technologies to healthcare providers

“The Alaska SBDC is extremely thankful to Senator Murkowski for making these new initiatives possible. With these new funds, we will be able to bring new tools, technologies, and opportunities to Alaskans across the state,” said Alaska SBDC State Director Jon Bittner. 

Senator Murkowski Championed Alaska’s Growth
The Alaska SBDC extends its gratitude to Senator Murkowski for her unwavering support in securing these critical funds. Senator Murkowski’s commitment to fostering Alaska’s economic development and healthcare infrastructure has been instrumental in bringing these programs to fruition to benefit all Alaskans.

“These initiatives mark exciting new beginnings for healthcare and entrepreneurship in Alaska,” said Senator Murkowski. “Equipping Alaskans with the resources they need to thrive is a top priority of mine. I look forward to watching these programs come to fruition, and begin to bolster communities across the state.”

These grants represent a significant investment in Alaska’s future. By empowering Alaska Native entrepreneurs and championing healthcare innovation, the Alaska SBDC is committed to creating a more prosperous and resilient Alaska for all.

Visit to learn more about these groundbreaking initiatives and how you can be part of Alaska’s exciting future. 

About the Alaska SBDC:

Alaska Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides expert business assistance and resources to empower Alaskan entrepreneurs and small businesses for long-term success at the UAA Business Enterprise Institute. With a team of experienced business advisors and an extensive network of partners, Alaska SBDC offers advising, training, and resources to help businesses start, grow, and prosper.

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