Alaska Small Business Development Center

Wishing Russ Talvi a Happy Retirement!

October 6, 2023

After 11 incredible years of dedicated service, our Alaska SBDC Fairbanks Center Director, Russ Talvi, is embarking on a well-deserved retirement! Russ’s impact on our organization and the business community is immeasurable. With over 30 years of expertise in managing and owning diverse businesses in Alaska and Hawaii, Russ has been a guiding light for entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the complexities of business ownership and achieve remarkable success.

His passion for financial analysis, identifying opportunities, and enhancing profitability has transformed businesses and inspired countless entrepreneurs. Russ’s personal experiences in buying and selling businesses, both in asset and stock sales, have provided invaluable insights to those he’s mentored.

Russ, your legacy at Alaska SBDC will shine brightly, and the entrepreneurs you’ve empowered will continue to thrive because of your guidance. As you step into this new chapter, we celebrate you and your unwavering commitment to the success of others. Enjoy the journey!

Join us in wishing Russ the happiest retirement! May this new chapter be filled with joy, relaxation, and countless adventures.

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