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Shopping Local & Alaskan Tourism Flourish Hand-in-Hand

July 1, 2023

Summer is finally here, and with the sunshine comes an influx of visitors to Alaska. This surge in tourism brings with it immense opportunities for local businesses, as travelers seek unique experiences and authentic souvenirs to commemorate their Alaskan adventure. Embracing the spirit of shopping locally not only supports homegrown enterprises but also helps sustain the very essence of Alaska.

The Power of Shopping Local

From Ketchikan to Nome, the pulse of Alaska tourism is stronger than ever. Record numbers of visitors have been flocking to our beloved state, captivated by its untamed wilderness, majestic glaciers, and vibrant Alaska Native cultures. The allure of Alaska’s pristine beauty, combined with its spirit of adventure, has made it a dream destination for travelers worldwide. With every step, tourists leave a trail of economic impact, and it is up to us, as Alaskans, to seize this opportunity and foster sustainable growth within our communities.

As the waves of tourists come ashore and traverse Alaska’s diverse landscapes, they are not merely looking for souvenirs but also seeking to establish a tangible connection with the place they visit. By choosing to shop local, these visitors invest in the very fabric of our communities, supporting small businesses that infuse life into our towns and cities. Whether it’s a handcrafted Alaskan art piece, a jar of wild honey, or a locally sourced piece of jewelry, each purchase tells a story, bridging the gap between the visitor and the unique Alaskan experience.

BuyAlaska Program: Your Gateway to Alaskan Businesses

To make the process of shopping local more accessible, the BuyAlaska Program and its Business Directory serve as invaluable resources for both visitors and residents. The program connects consumers with a diverse array of Alaskan businesses, ranging from boutique shops and artisans to adventure tour operators and local eateries. The online directory offers a comprehensive listing of these businesses, making it easier than ever to find authentic Alaskan products and services that capture the essence of our state. Regardless of where you call home in Alaska, the BuyAlaska Program is your go-to guide to unlock the true treasures of Alaska.

Embracing Sustainability and Community Resilience

Beyond the economic benefits, shopping local and supporting the BuyAlaska Program also promote sustainability and resilience within our communities. By choosing local businesses over large corporations or online giants, we reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing shipping distances and supporting products with lower environmental impacts. Moreover, our patronage helps foster a stronger sense of community, as we build relationships with the hardworking entrepreneurs who contribute to Alaska’s distinct identity. Are you ready to rediscover Alaska?

Amplifying Economic Impact

When we choose #LocalFirst the impact extends far beyond the initial transaction. As dollars circulate within our communities, they create a ripple effect, stimulating job growth, fostering innovation, and encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit. Every purchase from a local business bolsters the Alaskan economy, helping to build a more resilient and prosperous future for our state.

As Alaska thrives under the midnight sun and welcomes the tide of eager tourists, let’s seize this moment to celebrate and support our local businesses. By embracing the power of shopping local and utilizing the BuyAlaska Program and Business Directory, we ensure that the heart and soul of Alaska continue to flourish. From breathtaking souvenirs to unforgettable experiences, let us come together to shape a prosperous economic future.

BuyAlaska Tourism 2023

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