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October 2022 Update from the Alaska SBDC Executive Director

October 24, 2022

Snow has been spotted as far south as Anchorage and my utility bills have started creeping higher now that my kids have started turning the heat up when I’m not looking which can only mean one thing: winter is on its way. Like most Alaskans I have mixed feelings about the winters here. Sure the days are shorter, but the snow sure is fun. The weather gets colder, but that just means you appreciate the warm blanket and the fire in the fireplace a bit more!

We’re especially fortunate this winter because there are even more things to be appreciative of than usual. To start, the Alaska SBDC is proud to announce that we are launching the Alaska State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) program in January. Through this program we will be deploying $59 million in loan and equity support to help lenders and investors put more private sector dollars into Alaska’s small businesses. Over the ten year life of the program these funds should drive around $590 million in new private sector funding into businesses statewide. We will be launching the SSBCI website in November with more information, but in the meantime if you’re interested in learning more reach out to your SBDC business advisor or lending institution and see if your business is a good fit.

In other good news, I was excited to attend the opening of the Alaska Women’s Business Center (AWBC) in Anchorage recently. It has been over a decade since Alaska had this program and we held the dubious distinction of being the only state or territory without one. Fortunately the new AWBC Director Lisa Noland and the team over at Business Impact NW decided to fix that. You can read more on how to connect with them.

All of this is great news for Alaska’s small businesses. Now more than ever, we need to find ways to help support and grow this important sector of our economy so that we can continue to support our workforce and keep our communities thriving. As always, the Alaska SBDC is here to help you and your business in any way we can. I hope you reach out and take advantage of our advising, workshops, BuyAlaska resources and other offerings. But most importantly, I hope you all stay warm and have fun out there in the cold.

Jon Bittner
Alaska SBDC Executive Director

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