Alaska Small Business Development Center

Alaska Small Business Lending Forum 2021

March 24, 2021

Alaska Small Business Lending Forum 2021

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco are convening an Alaska Small Business Lending Forum to support access to small business loans and other financial services, especially for small businesses serving LMI individuals and families, vulnerable communities, and communities of color. 

Alaska Small Business Lending Forum
Tuesday, April 20, 2021
10:30 – Noon (AKDT)

Join this conversation on how they can increase access to credit and technical assistance for small businesses situated throughout the State of Alaska. During this Forum, they will:

(1) Review existing loan products and discuss their effectiveness in meeting the needs of small businesses;

(2) Identify any types of loan products needed but not currently easily accessible by small businesses, and how these products can be made available;

(3) Learn about the current availability of technical assistance for small businesses; and

(4) Share ideas on how we can increase support for organizations providing the assistance.

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