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Small Business Highlight: Out of My Head Innovations

December 4, 2018

Known for having a fantastic sense of humor, a curious nature, and innovative ideas, Karen Remick surprised no one when she took the steps to start her own business to bring not only her inventions to market but support other inventors in their efforts as well. With a Bachelor of Science in Physics, a Master of Science in Physics, a PhD. in Space Physics, and second Master of Science in Software Engineering under her belt, she began developing and designing her invention.

Karen has several invention ideas and current practice would require her to start a new business for each one, which is not feasible or cost-effective. Therefore, she decided to make a single business that could bring all of her inventions to market under one umbrella. While developing her invention, the Litter Defender, Karen noticed that a lot of other people had great, problem-solving inventions as well, and committed to helping others with the process. With that, Out of My Head Innovations was born.

“I thought as long as I’m building this,” she says, “I could run other people’s inventions through the process too!”

With her partner, Nik Mehta, Out Of My Head Innovations focuses on the utility of the invention, and partners with inventors to assist them. Out of My Head Innovations will take the lead with product development, testing, and marketing; areas that inventors cannot or do not wish to accomplish on their own. Out of My Head Innovations will then market the product which includes advertising campaigns and identifying distributors, and will be paid from the sales of the item.

Participating in local business plan pitch competitions helped prepare Karen as a business owner, and attending the inaugural Vitalize Alaska Business Conference allowed her to pitch her prototype for the Litter Defender under Out of My Head Innovations to Mindy Zemrak, Shark Tank Producer. The Litter Defender is an original take on the common household litter box aimed to keep the litter inside (not on the floor) and other pets outside.

The dedication to their business and valuable practice of pitching the Litter Defender prototype has led to Shark Tank inviting Karen to submit an application video to their team. Further, the experience has encouraged her to pursue trade show opportunities to showcase the Litter Defender on a national level. Prototypes have been distributed to pet enthusiasts with both cats and dogs for testing of the Litter Defender. Next on their list, a crowdfunding campaign.

Keep up with Out of My Head Innovations and be the first to hear Litter Defender updates at and on Facebook!

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