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5 Time Saving Tools For Your Business

May 15, 2016

Customer records have to be continually updated. Important emails have to be responded to in a timely manner. Every project task is on a critical path, and no project can afford to fall behind. Customer records have to be updated often to ensure that customers are well taken care of. Passwords have to be rotated frequently and routinely for security measures, a headache for those with many accounts. How do you get it all done when everything is a priority? Here are five time saving tools for your business.

Keep projects on a timeline for improved productivity

AllProWebTools, Wrike and other online project management software solutions allows you to track tasks, milestones and schedules. Systems like these alert you to the status of a project. The project management solution brings team members together in a convenient solution, permitting good clock-tower-190677_1920communication and solid collaboration among members. Projects get completed on time and any potential delays threatening the progress of the project are available in reports.

Get to the important stuff first in your inbox

SaneBox is an additional tool to help you save time. The SaneBox filters all of your emails in your inbox. This keeps you productive in that you do not waste time on unproductive or unnecessary emails. It sorts or sweeps your email inbox based on your programmed settings, allowing you to focus on critical emails and revisit non-essential items later when time permits.

Retrieve all customer data within seconds with one smart solution

Customer relations management software like Zoho, Insightly and Suite CRM is another invaluable tool. It can help you track information relating to a particular customer, retrieve account history information quickly, and update record information. It eliminates much of the need for physical records, which saves you time in records maintenance. You can keep track of trends, behaviors and other information with the various reporting features available.

key-192202_1920Maintaining password information in one convenient solutions

1Password is another invaluable tool for professionals and business owners. It can be time-consuming searching for notepads and files for password protected accounts. One password may be written down here while others may be stored separately. One single update to a password makes it difficult to manage if passwords are recorded manually. This tracks all of the password information in one solution, so that the owner only has to remember one password.

Freshbooks for streamlining accounting activities

FreshBooks is a software solution that streamlines routine accounting practices. A popular alternative to the traditional QuickBooks solution, this software consolidates common, time-consuming accounting tasks. The solution tracks time, invoices, transactions and receipt information conveniently within one solution. It saves you time in managing information online, and gives insight to productivity.

Productivity is a major concern for all types of businesses and professionals. These solutions can make you much more effective throughout the day. Most of these solutions are cost-effective and even come with a free trial or evaluation period. Consider trying out a few of these applications to save you time and boost your productivity.

Jessica is a professional blogger who writes for Faxage, a leading company that provide internet fax services for individuals and businesses.

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