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New Initiative to Tackle Energy Problems for Alaskan Small Businesses

March 1, 2016

New Initiative to Tackle Energy Problems for Alaskan Small Businesses

The Alaska SBDC provides free services to help Alaskans save money on energy.


energy efficiency turbines

High energy costs are detrimental to a business’ bottom line, but many Alaskan businesses do not have the time to investigate energy efficiency measures. To make it easier for Alaskan businesses to find the technology, services, and financing that they need, the Alaska Small Business Development Center (AKSBDC) has launched a new energy efficiency initiative.

Under the new initiative, AK SBDC provides free business and financial planning to help Alaskan companies navigate the confusing world of energy finance, technology, and service providers. That way, businesses can get the inenergy efficiencyformation they need for their next efficiency project and save money in the process.

Adam Krynicki, Technology and Energy Director at AKSBDC, says “the goal is to connect connect Alaskan businesses with the products, services, and financing they need, and help them integrate new energy measures — without all the hassle.”

“In short, we’re taking the inefficiency out of energy efficiency by helping Alaskans plan for their next project and connecting them with the help they need.”

Businesses can get more information by requesting a free advising session from the SBDC at or call the Fairbanks office at 907-456-7232.

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