Alaska Small Business Development Center

Phishing Training: Cybersecurity Webinar

Curious about the term phishing and what it actually means? Ever received a suspicious email and need to know how to handle it? This 35-minute recorded webinar will answer those questions and more! This workshop focuses on how to spot phishing scams and what to do about them.

Presented by: Peter House, Founder & CEO of Deeptree, Inc., has over 20 years of experience working with technology in environments large and small, urban and rural. He is focused on enabling comprehensive cybersecurity operations through enterprise architecture, strategy, and technical implementation. Acting as a change agent – Peter seeks to help others navigate the sometimes perilous waters of the digital ocean we operate in with confidence. He possesses diverse experience in private and public sector environments with deep knowledge of cybersecurity, risk management, business, and information technology concepts.

Sponsored by Deeptree and CaresAct funds, this workshop is provided free of charge.

The link above will take you to our client portal, where you will be able to register for access to this training video.