Alaska Small Business Development Center

Commercializing Your New Invention – Licensing & Negotiating

40-minute recorded webinar description:

Commercialization of new technologies is a very difficult endeavor. For new complex technologies or technologies targeting highly regulated markets the developmental times are usually too long and technology developers often lack the necessary skills and resources to bring these technologies to the market on their own. How to solve this problem? One of the possibilities is to license your technology to a strategic partner who will be able to utilize its resources and established customer channels to facilitate the commercialization of your technology. But what is licensing and what to look at when considering licensing your technology to a “stranger”?

Presented by Foresight Science & Technology Senior Consultant Dr. Al Poskanzer provides information about:

  • Types of licensing deals
  • Importance of IP protection
  • Key strategic and financial components of various licensing agreements
  • Tips for licensee search
  • Advice on licensing negotiation strategies.

This webinar will be useful for inventors who are interested in licensing but have no past experience in securing licensing deals.

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