The Great Reveal: How Benchmarking can Help You Manage Your Business

Benchmarking is the process of evaluating or checking (something) by comparison with a standard. As a business owner there are many items that you could consider benchmarking but if you know and can focus on the key performance areas that are important to your business there will be a higher return for your efforts. If … Continue reading "The Great Reveal: How Benchmarking can Help You Manage Your Business" More

The Top 10 Financial Ratios for Business Owners

Financial ratios are important, but often overlooked by small business owners.  When accurate figures are applied, these calculations are useful to determine a firm’s performance and financial situation.  Comparing financial ratios with industry benchmarks can be critical in identifying areas of strength and weakness.  In some instances, ratio analysis can even predict future bankruptcy.  This … Continue reading "The Top 10 Financial Ratios for Business Owners" More

Are you ready to shop small?

This holiday season we are encouraging you to support the local small businesses that make Alaska unique. For some holiday gift inspirations, check out our Pinterest board with an all-local gift guide! More

Passion, The Key to Successful Entrepreneurship

The morning starts like any other. You woke up late, got a ticket on the way to work, and your favorite parking spot was taken by that one coworker you can’t stand.  You arrive at work only to find there’s no coffee, and that customer that cussed you out yesterday is back for another round.  … Continue reading "Passion, The Key to Successful Entrepreneurship" More

What Gilmore Girls taught me about Small Business

Like many other women my age, I grew up spending Thursday nights with the Gilmore Girls and Friday morning bus rides discussing the episodes with my friends. This was before live tweeting- or Twitter for that matter (does that mean I’m old?). Little did I know my obsessive re-watching of each and every episode was … Continue reading "What Gilmore Girls taught me about Small Business" More

5 Money Saving Tools For Your Business

Small business owners know how important it is to preserve their capital. With the market moving as fast as it is and with new opportunities and new products being introduced on an accelerated schedule, having a steady operating budget remains a crucial element of any company’s growth strategy. This puts money-saving strategies at the top … Continue reading "5 Money Saving Tools For Your Business" More

Launch:Alaska Kicks Off!

Launch : Alaska is off to a start today with the arrival of the teams in Anchorage for the intensive, three month long residential program! Companies in this first cohort are receiving mentorship, business training and $25,000 of investment in order to take their company as far as they can in the 13-week Anchorage program. … Continue reading "Launch:Alaska Kicks Off!" More