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Superhero Coalition

Superhero Coalition: Strong Alone, Unstoppable Together

Two like-minded Alumni Collegiate UAA female athletes partnered up to form the Superhero Coalition. Ashley Bates and Alysa Horn are on a mission to reach out to as many athletes as possible of all types, ages, and backgrounds -sport, career, life- bringing them together in one place to train and achieve the six modalities they teach and implement. The duo calls this The Power 6: Mindset, Nutrition, Training, Hydration, Mobility, Recovery.

Bates and Horn wholeheartedly believe if athletes dial in these six modalities, they will not only be successful in their sport, career, or event but also life itself, further bringing those around them together, uplifting each other, and strengthening their community.

About their business, they explained, “We are not just coaches who train athletes in a gym setting. Doing good is at the forefront of our mission. To build a strong community in the whole state of Alaska and beyond.”

Bates and Horn are busy currently training athletes in a gym setting, posting every day on each Power 6 on their social media platforms, enjoying conversations about goal setting and following up with them to ensure success, and building the Superhero Coalition brand through team and sports camps as well as with career athletes.

From business structuring, business planning, financial forecasting, and hiring, they worked with Julie Nelson, Anchorage Business Advisor with the Alaska Small Business Development Center on their start-up goals and initiatives. They shared “Julie is fantastic! She helped us tremendously with our Business Portfolio and all-things For-Profit business start-up. We are excited to continue working with her.”

Not ones to be idle, there seems to be room to do just that. In addition to revamping their training schedule starting in September, Bates and Horn have prepared email newsletters, developed Power 6 goal sheets and designed shirts and memorabilia for all athletes, as well as developed beta-testing for their Power 6 goal system.

For superhero training including strength, conditioning, and nutrition, keep up with Superhero Coalition at, and on Facebook and Instagram.