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Micro-Defense of Alaska

Micro-Defense of Alaska: Your Businesses’ Protection 24/7

Micro-Defense of Alaska is a woman-owned and locally-owned and operated small business on the Kenai Peninsula serving as the only approved dealer and applicator for MicroShield360 in the state. The EPA-registered and FDA-approved long-lasting antimicrobial coating prevents bacteria, fungus, odors, and mold from populating food preparation and high-touch surfaces. In wake of the coronavirus pandemic, this valuable technology provides customers and employees with an increased level of comfort and confidence in your facility.

MicroShield360 is a preventative technology that is odorless, colorless, and continues to keep bacteria from living on surfaces 24/7 following the application. The solution is applied electrostatically to reduce waste and enhance coverage.

To begin successfully, owner Michelle Miller worked with the Alaska Small Business Development Center (Alaska SBDC) Kenai Peninsula Center Director, Cliff Cochran, on preparing to launch her business. She explained, “The Alaska SBDC and Cliff Cochran in Soldotna have been invaluable in helping me launch my newest venture. From sound business advice to marketing and sales coaching, Cliff has helped me find the tools I need to succeed.

From start-up, creating jobs in her community, and serving as the only authorized dealer in the state of Alaska, Miller has been committed to the success of Micro-Defense of Alaska. Her Business Advisor reflected on her success: “I’m very excited for the new business Michelle started, bringing micro-defense technology to Alaska. A treatment that keeps work surfaces free of viruses will bring peace of mind to so many businesses and their customers. It’s great to help a business start that benefits the consumer and community as much as the business.

Connect with Miller and the Micro-Defense of Alaska team to book your quote today at (907) 395-4047, online at, and through Facebook and Instagram.